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About us

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We are small scale vegetable growers located in Quispamsis, New Brunswick, along the beautiful Kennebecasis River. All our vegetables are grown without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, because we feel that's how vegetables should be grown, NATURALLY! We put passion into our work and are proud of what we grow. 


"Simply put...

we love what

we do!"


Our delicious and beautiful vegetables are available through our weekly vegetable boxes. We use this model (sometimes referred to as a CSA) because we believe it is the most mutually beneficial to both the grower (fair market price) and customer (highest quality product). This also gives us the opportunity to connect and build a trusting relationship with our customers - who can then feel good about knowing who grew their food and where it came from.

Our Philosophy

We believe that  growing healthy, nutritious, beautiful vegetables starts with rich, beautiful soil. We work to achieve this healthy soil biologically - using cover crops, natural amendments (most of which we grow ourselves) and cultivate with mainly hand tools (as opposed to machinery). "Growing" a soil alive with a vibrant soil food- web is equally important to us as the vegetables we grow.

At every possibility we work with nature to encourage beneficials (birds, toads etc) into the garden, and likewise to discourage pests. The way we see it is, nature is much more efficient than we could ever be!

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