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vegetable boxes

About the  Boxes

Our weekly vegetable boxes are an assortment of delicious seasonal vegetables. All the vegetables are grown in our fields, and although we aren't certified "organic", we do not spray with any pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Your vegetables are harvested on (or as close as possible to) the same day you pick them up, which means they are as fresh and nutritious as possible! We offer two different sizes a $20 (5-7 items) and a $25 (7-9 items).


Delivery/Pick up

Vegetables are delivered to predetermined locations every Tuesday and Thursday. We plan to have one day be an early delivery time (10:00 am) and one day an evening delivery (5:30 pm).


Box deliveries start in early June and we aim to continue deliveries for a 20 week period. Of course this is all dependent on the weather co-operating and start dates may shift and the duration may shorten, or possibly extend.

Each week you'll receive an assortment of fresh seasonal produce.  We grow over 30 different vegetables (and some fruit and herbs) so there is an amazing ever changing variety throughout the season.

Box Contents

$20 box early September

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