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We want to give the best selection of delicious vegetables and fruit that we can so we grow over 30 different varieties of vegetables and fruit.  Here are some of the items you will find in your produce box throughout the growing season along with a few recipes and ideas of what you can create with them.

Arugula   Beans   Beets   Bok Choi   Broccoli  


Brussel Sprouts   Carrots   Cauliflower   Celery  


Cucumber   Eggplant   Ground Cherries   Kale  


Kohlrabi    Leeks   Lettuce   Melons   Onions   Onions  

Peas   Peppers   Radish   Spinach   Swiss Chard  


Tomatoes   Turnip   Winter Squash   Zucchini

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